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Cancer Surgery
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Colon and rectal cancers are nowadays treated by laparoscopic surgery which is a relatively painless procedure and oncologically equivalent. Laparoscopic Colorectal resections provide the best of whole world - less morbidity and equal oncological efficacy. Besides colon and rectum, stomach and intestinal and pancreatic cancers, which are limited to the organ of origin, can also be treated by Laparoscopic surgery.

With advancement of scientific discoveries, now we have energy devices which seal artery and veins, excise and join intestines. We routinely undertake colorectal procedures for cancers with fantastic results. Besides, colorectal cancers we treat Breast, Thyroid, and Oral cancers regularly.

    General Laparoscopic Procedures:
  1. Colon and Rectum Cancers
  2. Stomach Cancers
  3. Intestinal Cancers
  4. Pancreatic Cancers
  5. Breast Cancers
  6. Oral cancers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does surgery spread cancer?


  • Can all cancer be removed by surgery?

    No, when cancer spreads to other organs or areas far away from the area of origin, it can not be removed.

  • Do I need to see an Oncologist?

    Oncologists are of 3 types. Surgical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, and Medical Oncologist. One of them will be your anchor person who will collaborate with the rest. A surgeon generally becomes the anchor because he starts the treatment and provides the biopsy.

  • What is stage and grade of cancer?

    Stage denotes the degree of spread of the cancer and therefore informs abou curability. Grade is a pathological term which means the maturation of cancer cells. Mature cancer cells respond better to treatment.

  • Why the doctor can't tell if the given patient would need radiation or chemotherapy?

    The final staging is done after surgery. Unless the cancer is properly staged, a decision about RT and CT can't be taken.

  • Why do one need to take RT and CT?

    Surgery removes palpable and visible disease. RT and CT take care of invisible and impalpable disease at the margin and elsewhere which can't be removed for various reasons.

Cancer lip underwent wide resection and reconstruction

cancer in lip
cancer in lip after surgery